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Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
. parts of new york avenue, eastbound and west bound, north capitol street, bladensburg road, canal road are now five miles an hour faster. the move was made after data from speed cameras in those locations showed that the limits should be higher. d.c. officials say they are now looking at other areas and might adjust more speed limits if necessary. >>> nearly 600 jobs will stay in montgomery county at least the next decade. a company called sodexo sign ad new lease on the world head quarters in gaithersburg, maryland. it is a food services company that's been at that location for 14 years now. maryland -- the state of maryland, montgomery county, and gaithersburg all combined to give sodexo $4 million in loans to remain in the state. >>> eggs coming up next on news4, toyota pay as record fine. we will tell you why. >> in spite of what your mama told you i a about whether or not your kids can drink too much milk. >> she told me i could drink as much as i want. interesting story. 50 degrees in washington. 37 in elkins, west virginia. cooler air how cold things will be by the end of the we
Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm EST
season is a popular option. take it to new york or philadelphia could cost you just $1 or $20. an app. can help you know if you're traveling safety. if the administration created the app. to check the safety reports of any bus companies. there were several deadly crashes, including this one in virginia last year. safety is important on board and before you even get on the bus. >> we would encourage -- is it an easily acceterminal. discount bus travel has become extremely popular nationwide. there are 750 million trips on those buses every year. >>> dan is out there with chris cooley, who's got to be feeling chipper and cheery today after, what, a five-game winning streak? >> first time since 2007. talking about the two quarterbacks and the defense and anything else you want to talk about. >> whatever. i think it was 2005. we only won four in 2007. an athlete. my goodness. "the cooley report" after this. >>> hello, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer live at the national zoo for zoo lights which goes on between now and the first of the year. they'll be open ever night 5:00 to 9:
Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
front of a new york subway. >>> frightening moments for travellers in russia today. >>> and the snow may be out of the area but in parts of the northeast it is really coming >>> at least four people were killed in moscow today when an airliner careened off the runway. it broke into pieces and caught fire. there were no passengers on board, only the eight person crew making the trip back from the czech republic. light snow was falling at the time but investigators don't know why the plane was unable to stop. >>> a bronx woman is charged with murder. police arrested the 31-year-old this morning after someone recognized her from this surveillance video. she is charged with second degree murder as a hate crime. she is accused of pushing a man off a queens subway platform on thursday. she said it was an act against muslims. the man was hindu. this is the second time this month that someone was pushed to death at a subway station. >>> crowds are turning out for the second day of the nation's gun show. but one group was notably absent. >>> snow came and went today, but now storm team 4 meteorol
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
taxi industry in cities like new york seem to have survived uniformity. >> like in new york the yellow seems a predominantly easy color to see. >> caller: d.c. branding, as thetices, and an effort to cut down on illegal cabs is among the reasons d.c. is considering a change. >> between all these different cab colors, like, okay, holding open the door now. is this a real cab? >> reporter: yellow tends to mellow those fears. >> i remember we we in new york, seeing that yellow cab, i felt secure. that's a yellow cab, i'm getting in and riding. >> reporter: changes wouldn't apply to existing cabs, only new ones coming onto the streets. still not clear how the yellow cab company would deal with their orange cabs. >> i think it's up to the people who live in this city. >> reporter: the public will get a chance to weigh in. come monday they're going to have some of the proposed color schemes out on display in front of the verizon center so the public can weigh in. in northwest, derrick ward, news4. >>> coming up tonight, a major winter storm in the midwest that's causing car accidents,
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
to make a full recovery from a blood clot near her brain. secretary clinton is in a new york hospital tonight. we have more on her treatment and her prognosis. >> reporter: her doctors at new york presbyterian hospital say hillary clinton's blood close is located between the brain and skull, did not result in a stroke or neurological damage, and they expect her to make a full recovery. in early december, clinton picked up a stomach virus, causing dehydration that led to a fall, concussion, and now the clot. over the last four years, clinton has logged more than a million miles flying around the world on diplomatic missions, which doctors say could have contributed to her dvt. while today contributor dr. raj says the next few days will tell us a lot about how serious it is. >> if it really is she's just in a hospital to a couple days to adjust the dose of the medication, i don't think we need to be concerned about long-term consequences. >> reporter: however a longer stay may affect clinton's long-term plans that might included another presidential run in 2016. >> we obviously disagree
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
degrees. up to the north, 30s showing up, and here it is, not even 7:00. buffalo, new york, below freezing. chicago, illinois, at 36 degrees. and 34 in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. that's where it is right now. cold. and by later tonight, tomorrow morning, dropping into the 20s. here we'll drop to 34 inside the beltway. other locations, down into the 20s. still not looking at any big, big storms, or cold waves coming into our area. our jet stream right now to the north. we'll go from cool conditions, to cold conditions by tomorrow morning. and then as we get into friday, still a little on the cool side as well. so the next two days, cool, but not this upcoming weekend. we do have something else to deal with this weekend. chilly conditions it is for the evening. coats back on by tomorrow morning. probably all buttoned up, too. we've got high pressure that's going to move in. loads of sunshine. pennsylvania down through virginia tomorrow. so very much like december with that chill in the air. then the next front comes into our area. it's a front that's going to sit around for quite som
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6